The first
100% vegetal
oils that put an end
to petrochemical food plastic.
produced in Spain
and France

100% vegetal oils by nature.
What does that mean ?

That we have chosen to do things right and, above all, better !
By launching oils that are truly committed.

In the first bottle made of vegetal material (no more petrochemical plastic) without toxicity
for health and the planet, with exceptional olive oils and the highest quality seed oils whose origins
we control and clearly advertise (only Spain and France).

We explain everything below !

Our equation with no unknowns !
Ecology + Quality + Transparency = Good & Healthy

We say NO
to petrochemical

We are 100% vegetal
and 100% compostable
after use

We certify
and we are transparent
about our origins

We control
and we compensate
our carbon footprint

Good and healthy food. That is our credo. And that’s no small promise !

Because by encapsulating our oils in vegetal bottles, which are also GMO-free by the way, we keep their quality free of components that are harmful to health and the environment.

Whether recycled or not, plastic is petrochemical and contains endocrine disruptors, phthalates, bisphenol A and antimony.

Glass is not to be outdone, containing metallic pollutants such as lead, arsenic, etc.

Both are also real ecological disasters for the planet particularly because of the carbon footprint.

This is why we have chosen to be 100% plant-based, with a small, well-kept manufacturing secret, in a virtuous and circular dynamic, based on the re-use of plants : therefore not drawing on the resource. This makes our little bottles biodegradable and totally compostable after use, i.e. zero waste, obviously with certifications to back it up !

In terms of quality, our brands Naturaé Passion Bio and Pure nature 100% Végétale are naturally at the forefront. From ancestral lands and family productions with exclusive, guaranteed and certified origins, either from Spain (Olive) or France (Seeds oils).

And to complete the circle, we are committed for neutralising our carbon footprint with the Reforest’Action tree replanting program, to help preserve, restore and create forests around the world.

Our committed brands
in figures and pictures


That of Christophe, founder of Naturaé France, and his meeting with Nicolas, ingenious expert against plastic pollution.

The adventure starts in 2019. After 25 years in Retail and Brands, having observed and experienced the launch of hundreds of food innovations, Christophe decided to embark on an entrepreneurial project that resembled him : ecological, committed and truly innovative.

Originally from Lyon, and with a passion for gastronomy and cooking, his project could only be realised on the food planet. The concept of a brand of oil with guaranteed and exclusive origins is a first step.

But Christophe wants to go further to pass on a better world to our children and to offer the consumer 100% healthy products. From their “content” to their “packaging”, that is to say even to the bottle.

His research led him to Nicolas, the inventor of the Veganbottle : bottles made from plants and therefore without toxicity for ,health and which sign – finally ! – the end of petrochemical food plastic.

The first 100% vegetal oil on the market was born !

From that moment on, a virtuous ecosystem was put in place and the planets aligned to give birth to Naturaé France and its brands: Naturaé Passion Bio and Pure Nature 100% Végétale.


Our brands reflect our bias and our credo : good and healthy food.

Two brands, two oils ranges, olive and seeds oils, with exclusive and guaranteed origins (Spain and France)
in a « container » as sane and qualitative as its « content ».

A brand new and truly disruptive offer that will shake the market.

Our organic and exceptional olive oils, between mono-varietal and PDO, are exclusively produced in Spain on lands nestled in the heart of Andalusia, lovingly cultivated and managed by a family business for 2 generations.
Our culinary range of olive oils (always from Andalusia !) and seed oils, from rapeseed to sunflower, including an essential 4 oils blend, is produced entirely in France. With a family business at the helm whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation for over half a century.


  • Here we are, the countdown is on !
    Our brands will be available in stores in september. Naturaé Passion Bio in organic supermarkets and retailers’ organic shelves. Pure nature 100% Végétale has already seduced the biggest mass market retailers.
  • Our team is growing !
    Two young experts, in the field of communication and marketing business development, will join us early september. Experts and also as committed as we are to make a change.