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Our values

People and planet first.
Honesty and transparency. 
Humor, playfulness
... and a ton of hard work.
We are in this together

How is our Solution 
unique and different?

What is your bottle made from?

We ONLY use plant residues to make our bottle.  The bottle, cap and label are compostable.

1. Plant-based.jpg

Vegetal Technology

Zero oil

Our bottles contain no petrochemicals or other toxins, so recycling facilities are not disrupted.

3. Zero Petroleum.jpg


We draw NOTHING from the Earth

No digging,

No deforesting, 

No watering,

or other harmful processes. 

2. Resource intact.jpg


Carbon footprint

The production of our plant-based bottle is 40% more CO2 efficient than the manufacture of PET plastic bottles. 

4. CO2.jpg


Healthy products in a bottle that respects our environment. 

Plastic pollution 1.jpg

What is the problem ? 
Plastic is everywhere!

A plastic bottle can take up to 600 years to degrade!

The facts about plastic pollution

More than ONE MILLION plastic bottles are consumed EVERY SECOND worldwide.
In France, less than 30% is recycled. The majority of plastic ends up either incinerated, 
either buried, releasing CO2 and polluting our soil. 
100ml of oil + 80g of charcoal + 42 liters of gas + 2 liters of water = the recipe for making a 1 liter plastic bottle. A concentrate of fossil energy!
In 2022, a team of Dutch researchers discovered the presence of microplastics in human blood samples. A first. 

Do you think recycling is the solution?

Think again ! Less than 30% of plastic is recycled in France, and even then, recycling has its limits. Plastic bottles can only be recycled 3-4 times. After that, they become unusable waste that ends up incinerated or landfilled, with devastating effects on our ecosystems.
Even when recycled, a bottle leaks its carcinogenic toxins into the soil and into our bodies.

Does it affect our health?

Yes ! Single-use plastic is now made entirely from petroleum derivatives, some of which are proven carcinogens. According to several scientific studies, PET can release harmful endocrine disruptors into our body. 

On average, we ingest 5 grams of plastic per week, the equivalent of a bank card!
In short, we pollute both our earth and our bodies...

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